Grandview Condo Lobby

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    location: Philadelphia | PA
project type: reception/lobby
completion date:     Winter | 2009
teammates: Photos: Damon Landry

inHabit was charged with renovating a plain and unassuming Chinatown condominium lobby into a vibrant and identifiable space. The lobby needed to be given a personality, appeal to a wide range of tastes, and outlast trends. inHabit designed elements that add visual interest and chose a palette of materials found in nature.

Upon entering, one is ushered into the lobby along a line of mirrored decorative panels. The mirrors expand the space and give dimension to the thatch panels installed in front of them. Constructed of acrylic with embedded grass reeds, the panels tie into the custom security desk, which is topped by a luminescent coral counter. Statement light fixtures over the desk feature a cut-out pattern made from tree bark. Large pendants enliven the ceiling of the elevator area.